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Dreyfus Sponsored Experimental Laboratory

The Chembio Technology Lab began May 2008 and made possible through Dreyfus and NSF sponsorship. This experimental lab is a partnership between Polytechnic Institute of NYU and the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science in hopes of providing enriched learning in the chemistry of life.

Our goal is to develop and integrate interdisciplinary Chem-Bio labs for 9th and/or 10th grade students at the Urban Assembly Institute. Students at Polytechnic University, under the guidance of Professor Jin Kim Montclare and the teacher at the Urban Assembly Institute will work on the development of computational and experimental modules that will be integrated into the curriculum of the UA Institute. Feel free to email us with any questions at

The Lewis Dots App was featured at the World Science Fair. Check it out!

Lewis Dots App is now available in the iTunes app store. Check out
Lewis Dots app.

Read the published article about Lewis Dots App: "New iPad App Makes Chemistry Just Plain Fun for Teens".

Thank you, Mrs. McVey and your 6th graders for the Mnemonics link!.

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Montclare Lab & Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science

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